Subaward Projects

The SVPL Project funded 11 research teams at approximately $190,000 each for approximately 2 years to study a variety of topics related to the self, virtue and public life. The total amount of research grants awarded is $1,981,628. All of our teams were interdisciplinary, and many were international. Stay tuned for team research updates.

Civic Virtue in Public Life: Understanding and Countering Incivility in Liberal Democracies

PI: Matteo Bonotti (Monash University)

PI: Steven Zech (Monash University)

Co-PI: Emily Gade (Emory University)
Co-PI: Aurélia Bardon (University of Konstanz)

Co-PI: Joshua Eastin (Portland State University)

Co-PI: Peter Lentini (Monash University)

Expansive Other-Regard and Civic Excellence

Co-PI: T. Ryan Byerly (University of Sheffield, UK)

Co-PI: Megan Haggard (Francis Marion University)

The Mitigating Effects of Humility and Social Identity on Hostility and Stress Across Political Differences

PI: Kristin Garrett (Wheaton College)

Co-PI: Darcie Delzell (Wheaton College)

Co-PI: Bryan McGraw (Wheaton College)

Co-PI: Nathaniel Thom (Wheaton College)

Co-PI: W. Jay Wood (Wheaton College)

Co-PI: Everett Worthington (Wheaton College)

Increasing public engagement by strengthening civic virtues

PI: Anne Henley (The University of Chicago)

Co-PI: Howard Nusbaum (The University of Chicago)

Sustainability, Civic, and Character Education in a Pluralistic Democracy

PI: Olafur Jonsson (University of Iceland)

Co-PI: Ragny Pora Guojohnsen (University of Iceland)

Personal Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance: From Values to Virtues

PI: David Lundie (Liverpool Hope University, UK)

Co-PI: Carly Bagelman (Liverpool Hope University, UK)

Co-PI: Phil Bamber (Liverpool Hope University, UK)

Co-PI: Victoria Blinkhorn (Liverpool Hope University, UK)

Co-PI: Joseph Maslen (Liverpool Hope University, UK)

Co-PI: Cathal O'Siochru (Liverpool Hope University, UK)

Co-PI: John Tillson (Liverpool Hope University, UK)

Co-PI: Antonio Zuffiano (Liverpool Hope University, UK)

Political Humility: Conceptualization and Implications for Online Political Engagement

Co-PI: Stacey McElroy-Heltzel (University of Iowa)

Co-PI: Don Davis (Georgia State University)

Co-PI: Heather Battaly (University of Connecticut)

Co-PI: Joshua Hook (University of North Texas)

Mindful Moral Identity and Public Virtue among Humanitarian and Democratizing Justice Exemplars in the Context of Turkey

PI: Michael Spezio (Scripps College)

Co-PI: Gregory Peterson (South Dakota State University)

Co-PI: Gunes Sevinc (Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical School)

Building Youth Resilience and Communal Justice: Forgiveness as a Civic Virtue in Rwanda

PI: Jonathan Tirrell (Tufts University)

Co-PI: Erin I. Kelly (Tufts University)

Pending Contract Execution

Civic Virtue and "True" Selves: Finding Authenticity in the Complexities of Public Life

PI: Matthew Vess (Texas A&M University)

Co-PI: Matt Stichter (Washington State University)

Co-PI: Rebecca Schlegel (Texas A&M University)

Co-PI: Joshua Hicks (Texas A&M University)

Harnessing Religious Values to Increase Public Virtue

PI: Clara Wilkins (Washington University in St. Louis)

Co-PI: Lerone A. Martin (Washington University in St. Louis)