Full Proposal Submission Instructions

Please read the instructions below before proceeding to the submission portal
(scroll down to access the portal)

Full proposals for subaward grants are by invitation only and are due no later than March 15, 2019 at 11:59 PM Central Standard Time. Full proposals must be submitted by clicking the button below. The proposals will be evaluated by our Core Project Team. Award notifications will be sent by May 15, 2019. Subaward grants will begin August 1, 2019 and end May 31, 2021.

To submit a proposal, please compile all the information requested below and then click the button at the bottom of this page. You will be asked for your project confirmation number. Please enter the number you received when you submitted your letter of intent and click "Begin Submission." The PI information submitted with the letter of intent will auto-populate. Please update these fields if needed, and complete the rest of the proposal.

Full proposals must include the following:

  1. Cover Letter (PDF document). The cover letter should be typed, printed, signed, and scanned in PDF format. The cover letter must include:
    1. The complete title of your project;
    2. The total amount of funding requested, not to exceed $190,000;
    3. The beginning and end dates of your project;
    4. A list of all the research team members. This must include their first and last name, academic title, institutional affiliation(s), disciplinary field(s), and role in the project.
    5. The signature of the Primary Investigator;
    6. A co-signature from the prime institution’s authorized representative. (The PI is responsible to identify this person. We advise contacting your institution’s Office of Research for assistance.)
  2. Project Description (PDF document). Provide a detailed description of the proposed research of no more than 5000 words (excluding references), distributed across the following categories.
    1. Executive Summary – A brief overview of the nature and significance of the project.
    2. Research Questions/Hypotheses – Explain the central questions that motivate the proposed research.
    3. Background and Significance – Explain the current state of the literature relevant to the proposed research, and explain how the research will advance understandings of the self, its development, motivation, and virtue in ways that differ from current research perspectives.
    4. Methods and Innovation – Explain the research methods of the project and how the proposed research will develop and use innovative methodologies for studying the self, its development, motivation, and virtue.
    5. Deep Integration – Describe how deep integration will be achieved throughout the duration of your project. We understand deep integration as at least one humanist and one scientist being fully and equally invested in the project from its inception to its completion.
    6. Anticipated Outcomes – Describe the expected short-term outcomes of the proposed research, e.g., books, articles, presentations, etc. Also describe the potential long-term outcomes.
    7. References – Include all the references cited in the project description, and any others that significantly inform your project. (No word limit)
  3. Promotional Abstract (To be typed into the online submission portal). Provide an abstract, suitable for laypeople, which can be used for publicity materials and posted on the project website if the project is funded. Please emphasize why the project is important and explain its implications for public life. (500 words max.)
  4. Timeline (PDF document). Download the timeline template linked above. After completing the Excel file, please “Save as” a PDF file.
  5. Detailed Budget (PDF document). Download the budget template linked above, along with the budget instructions sheet. Total cost, including direct and indirect costs, not to exceed $190,000. “No cost” extensions will not be granted. Overhead is limited to 15%. Funds cannot be used for major equipment purchases. After completing the Excel file, please “Save as” a PDF file.
  6. Budget Narrative (PDF document). Expand on each line item used in the detailed budget. Explain how funds in each line item will be used and why it is necessary. (No word limit)

Please ensure that no sensitive information (e.g. social security numbers) appears anywhere on the application.

Note that by submitting the full proposal you give the Self, Virtue, and Public Life initiative full permission to use the promotional abstract in print and electronic format for promotional and publicity purposes, should your project be selected for funding.

Within 24 hours after submission, the primary investigator will receive a confirmation email from “One U” (email address: oueu@ou.edu) containing the submission ID number. This email must be retained for future reference. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of submission, please contact us (flourish@ou.edu)

NOTE: If you encounter last-minute technological problems, please email your proposal documents to flourish@ou.edu. Otherwise, we ask that materials be submitted through the online portal accessible by clicking the button below.