2021 SVPL Research Conference

Dear Friends,

The Institute for the Study of Human Flourishing at the University of Oklahoma will be hosting the first of two subaward research conferences in Norman, Oklahoma as part of $3.9 million, The Self, Virtue and Public Life grant funded by the Templeton Religion Trust.

The purpose of this first conference is to enable the eleven grant-funded research teams to report on the status of their project, to provide a context for sharing ideas and fostering collaboration, and to allow the SVPL Project Director to assess the progress of each team.

Please direct questions to: flourish@ou.edu

2021 SVPL Research Conference March 5-7, 2021


Due to COVID-19 the conference will be held via Zoom


Due to COVID-19 the conference will be held via Zoom


Due to COVID-19 the conference will be held via Zoom

Local Transportation

Due to COVID-19 the conference will be held via Zoom


Due to COVID-19 the conference will be held via Zoom

Travel Reimbursements

Due to COVID-19 the conference will be held via Zoom

  • Travel Reimbursement Request Form. Travel reimbursement not applicable for Zoom meeting (XLSX)
  • The Self, Virtue and Public Life (SVPL) Project will provide travel expense reimbursements for conference participants not to exceed $600.00 per domestic traveler and $1,500 per international traveler. This amount is intended to cover round trip travel expenditures from the traveler’s location of residence to the conference location. Expenditures will be covered on a reimbursement basis only, and can include items such as coach airfare (first-class airfares cannot be reimbursed), ground transportation, parking, baggage fees, and incidental expenses. If the traveler is arriving from outside the U.S. and needs to spend a night enroute, please contact the SVPL Project staff at flourish@ou.edu for approval prior to booking.

    The Self, Virtue and Public Life Project is based at the University of Oklahoma. University of Oklahoma travel reimbursement policy requires itemized, paid receipts for all reimbursable expenses. Note that some vendors provide paid receipts (showing the date, total amount paid and last four digits of the card number) separately from the itemized receipt. Travelers are responsible to retain and submit the itemized receipt along with the paid receipt. Note also that some airfare vendors’ flight itineraries include verification of payment on the itinerary itself and some do not. In the latter case, travelers must secure a paid receipt for the airfare, and submit that along with the flight itinerary. For a complete list of the University of Oklahoma travel policies, please go to http://www.ou.edu/financialservices/forms

    At the conference, participants will be provided a pre-addressed envelope containing a Travel Reimbursement Request form, an Expense Summary Report, and other necessary paperwork. Forms can also be downloaded from the conference website and completed electronically prior to printing and signing. These forms must be completed, signed and mailed, along with all receipts and required documentation, to the following address no later than April 16, 2021.

    The Self, Virtue, and Public Life Project
    620 Parrington Oval, Room 207
    Norman, OK 73019

    Presentation Schedule

    Presenters will have approx. 45 minutes to present their paper, which will be followed by approx. 30 minutes of Q&A and discussion. A presentation schedule will be provided closer to the event, and a conference program will be provided on site.

    Presenters are to submit their title and 200 word abstract no later than January 29, 2021 to Ms. Denise Mann for the program at dmann@ou.edu